Bifold Door Installation Pack




This aluminium bi-fold door installation pack includes the materials and fixings required to fit aluminium bi fold doors.

Pack includes:

  • Low Mod Silicone x 4 (in either White, Black, Anthracite Grey or Clear)
  • Acrylic White x 1
  • 100mm Direct Fixings x 20
  • 6.5mm Drill bit 210mm for fixings x 1
  • T30 Bit for fixings x 1
  • Masking Tape (25mm) x 1
  • Reinforcing Cill Screws (50mm) x 10
  • Packers x 60 (blue x 30, white x 30 & green x 30)
  • Hand Held Fixing Foam (750mm) x 1

This pack gives you peace of mind you have the correct parts needed to fit your bifold doors, and costs less than buying these parts at national DIY hardware stores. We calculated the equivalent cost of these to be over £100!

These products could also be used for fitting any kind of Windows or doors, it isn’t just limited to Bifold Doors.